The Jack of all trades – our varifocal lenses.

Varifocals combine several prescriptions in a single lens, making continuous vision possible from near to far. Varifocal lenses are the easiest solution to presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness), as they provide sharp focus in any field of vision, because they are individually matched to your eyes.

However..not all varifocals are the same. They start off with the most basic design where the width of the reading area is extremely narrow with accompanying distortion on the outer part of the lenses, to the latest sophisticated design such as the recently released Essilor Varilux S lens giving one of the widest reading areas and least outer lens distortion designed lenses currently avaialble.

Which lens is best for you?...well there are so many factors to take into account depending on your lifetsyle and needs such as:

  • Do you just want them to do the the shopping, or wear them all day with prolonged work at a desk?
  • Your frames...are the lenses deep enough? the angle of the front of the frame correct?

The most important part of a success with varifocals apart from the correct prescrition is what we call the fitting of the Samuels Eyecare we measure the distance of each eye from the centre of the nose to within half a millimetre, check that both lenses need to be fitted at exactly the same height in the frames...yes, it's true..many people have one eye slightly higher than the other!!...and ensure that the fitting is correct depending on your head position...NONE of his can be done by ordering varifocals online. Optician Tony Samuels BSc(Hons)FCoptom has had over 35 years experience fitting varifocal lenses.

AND DON'T FORGET..we have minimal overheads so we can supply lenses at much lower prices than the High Street Optician but maintaining expert advice.


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